Extraordinary things started to happen with young Volodya when he was seven. His friend and himself came to the Kirov House of Pioneers and joined the amateur ballet group. Factually, he chose his profession entirely on his own as no one even hinted about it.

The parents of Volodya had nothing to do with the arts. His father - Viktor Ivanovich was a driver at a factory. His mother- Tatyana Yakovlevna started to work at the same place when she was only 15. She was a genuinely religious person, believing deeply in every Bible legend. His father was devoted to communist ideals but did not live to his dreams about heavenly life to come true. Fortunately, though, he saw his son dancing in the first theatre of the country and was proud to see the audience's storm of applause for him. It was during Volodya's third season in the Bolshoi theatre when his father died.

The first coacher of Volodya in the amateur ballet group was Elena Romanovna Rosse. It is to her whom Vladimir Vasiliev is thankful for his whole life. It was her who noted a born coordination of movements, light high jump and boldness in a charming boy. It was her who taught him all the folk dances. And it was her who told Volodya's mother that the boy must go to the choreographic school. In 1949 Volodya Vasiliev entered the Bolshoi Choreographic School

In school Vladimir dreamed about character, grotesque roles. He was bursting with emotions. He thought it was the main thing in dance then. But from his first classical roles in the Bolshoi Ballet which he joined in 1958, he realized that with emotions only a ballet dancer will not get far. And he started to polish his dancing skills.

As he says himself, he had not got ideal physical forms for a classical dancer from Nature. But a filigree faceting of each movement, each pas and the irresistible charm did their job - Vasiliev became a classical dancer.

He noted later that it is a common opinion that the main thing in ballet is the body, but this is not quite true. The main thing is still the head. Human body is a huge instrument but it is directed by a thought. The more talented and powerful this "conductor" is the more perfect "the orchestra" will play.

The first time Volodya Vasiliev danced on the Bolshoi stage was in 1948 (solo in Russian and Ukranian dances).

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